Friday, November 23, 2012

That One Breath

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo and friends for Five Minute Friday.
This is where we come together writing for 5 minutes without editing or overthinking.
I love this community.

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Five Minute Friday

Today was a day where thanksgiving overflowed. 
I woke up with a feeling of contentedness and peace 
that I haven't experienced in awhile. 
I have been going through a season of waiting.
Sometimes waiting well and other times
waiting impatiently for what He has in store for me. 
Last night as I reflected on all that I have to be thankful for, 
I realized that what I was waiting for was already happening. 
Little by little He has been chipping away at things in me.  
Oh how painful the chiseling was at times. 
But through it all He has been preparing me.
He has been asking me to trust Him with it all.
And when I woke up this morning it was if I 
let out the breath that I had been holding for so long. 
Almost like a sigh. 
And I realized that that letting out of breath was actually me letting go. 
Letting go of all those plans I had made.
Letting go of them to grab hold of everything He has for me. 
It feels like it could be some form of a prayer.
Some form of praise. 
That one breath. 
Thanking Him. 
Giving Him all of me. 
And taking in all of Him.
So tonight all I can say to Him is thank you.
Thanking Him for those hard times in the waiting space 
as well as every moment to come.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 


  1. Yeah! Yeah for your big breath! Yeah for giving it up to Him! Yeah for letting Him give you what He has for you! Oh how you are going to be blessed! Thank you sweet sister for sharing! :D

    Mindy @ New Equus

    1. It is like you're my very own cheerleader tonight friend. Thank you for your encouragement. You're such a blessing. Love & hugs!

  2. Oh yes, friend. It's so much easier to see the thanks in retrospect, to see why we should have been thanking along the way. But yes, He makes our paths straight and we should give thanks as we walk and wait because He is so good. Missed all of you guys this week. Took a little break but I'm glad to be back and reading y'all again.

    1. So hard to thank Him in the midst of the chiseling, but I know it is part of what He is doing in me. Reminding me that in ALL things He is good and worthy of that thanks. Missed you too friend. So glad you're back. Blessings.

  3. Dear Wendy, so zing to see a clear recognition of God's work in your life. Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful gift to give others in showing what it us like to just let go. Thankful for you all all your words.

  4. It was great chatting with you a little on Twitter tonight! :) This post captures what I have been feeling over the past six months, too. That verse is actually on my Facebook cover photo right now. I've been swapping between that and "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead." Those are a couple of my verses right now.

  5. "I realized that what I was waiting for was already happening." Beautiful wisdom and truth Wendy! Happy Thanksgiving friend. I wasn't expecting to look for or join up today...but I had 5 minutes. :) And the internet, which has been spotty all weekend, opened up in generosity so I thought that I should make it worthwhile. I don't plan on spending tons of time pursuing other posts much (I'll save that for Monday), but I wanted to stop by and say hi. I wanted to write my own post quickly. I wanted to bask in the thanks. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Such a beautiful prayer. Such a wonderful release.
    Thank you, Wendy, for simply BEing the Divine Expression of God that you are in each moment of the day! I know this is true, for you share those moments of the day, throughout the day, and they all-ways show forth His glory!

  7. I'm breathing in deep with you today my friend. Leaning in closer in my own season of waiting and giving Him thanks and praise.

  8. I couldn't help thanking God yesterday for all the hard grace. Sounds like I wasn't the only one. This was a really personal post and I'm so glad you let us all see how God is chiseling away at you to leave more of Him. That is beautiful and it shines through in these words!

  9. Wendy, I LOVED THIS..."It feels like it could be some form of a prayer.Some form of praise. That one breath." and I can so relate. Welcome to your becoming.
    May God continue to work on and through you, and may holiday blessings and peace abound in your life.
    Peace and good,

  10. Beautiful. My OneWord this year has been TRUST. To trust him as he chisels away at me, and trust him as I let go of my ideas in order to grab hold of what he has. As I do I find there is so much to be thankful for so much he is giving me in the trusting.

  11. Love, love , love!

  12. This was a really reflective post, and I love the ending scripture.

  13. Hi dear Wendy
    Who can be so optimistic to think waiting is easy!!! Nope, graceful waiting is an art, a gift from our Pappa's hand.That sigh speaks volumes. Thank you!
    Love and blessings

  14. this is absolutely stunning! thank you so much for sharing your heart. found you from FMF and am happy to be your newest follower!

    much love and many blessings.

  15. This is so beautiful. Yes, a season of waiting can be so hard. I can so relate to what you said ~ sometimes waiting well, and sometimes waiting not-so-well. But when we exhale, when we let go, His grace fills us with His peace.

    Such lovely words here today. I'm so glad to have posted on FMF right after you. :)


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