Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch Me Now

One of the opportunities to serve in Children’s Ministry is as a small group leader. Once a person has observed a service and decided that they would like to lead a small group, the first step is to become an apprentice.

An apprentice is defined as someone undergoing training or instruction in preparation for a particular role.

What does that look like in small groups?

◦You watch while I do.

◦I watch while you do.

◦You do.

I believe that this is based on how Jesus led his disciples in ministry. Throughout his ministry, the disciples watched and learned from Jesus. Then they did ministry with him. Then he released them to do ministry.

Having a volunteer begin as an apprentice is beneficial in many ways both for them and for the team. This provides a comfort level for the volunteer and a hands-on opportunity to see how small groups work. This also gives the small group leader training them an opportunity to provide feedback and answer any questions they might have during this time.

What does training for your small group leaders look like?

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