Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom


You are my inspiration.

And role model.

From you I learned:




And Love.

Deep abiding love.

You have given love so freely,

With such deep commitment,

And you are willing to parent us all, still,

And be a guiding light, still,

To all your children and grandchildren.

You have always supported us and helped us.

You have always been there.

The constant Northern Star.

And voice of reason in our heads.

And the one who can listen endlessly to our joys.

And our problems.

Always a shoulder to cry on,

Always ready with a round of applause for successes,

As well as a mini lecture when needed.

And always showing us what it is to say YES to life!

I am the mother I am

Because of the mother you have always been.

I am the woman I have become

Because you showed me what a woman could be.

I love you, always.

With gratitude, your daughter

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