Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yet Another Slice of Orange

The last breakout I attended at Orange this year was The Private Life of a Public Leader with Doug Fields.

Doug shared that public people tend to ignore the private side of their lives until it is too late.

I think the challenge in having this conversation is that we have a hard time admitting these challenges to ourselves let alone opening up and sharing them with others.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
Proverbs 4:23 

Signs that you're out of balance:
  • cluttered appearance
  • low level paranoia
  • leave a series of disappointments
  • connections with Jesus are rare and lack depth
  • skimming in relationships
  • easily discouraged

Driven people pay a price.

Driven people are:
  • most gratified only by accomplishment
  • often thinking about status connections
  • rarely satisfied
  • likely to shortcut integrity
  • often known for the trail of bodies in their wake
  • usually very busy

Beware of the barreness of a busy life.

Taking Action:

On Drive
  • Make authentic community a top priority.
  • Do you have people who know you and can ask the honest questions?
  • Ask yourself - why did I say yes to this?

On Time
  • I am going to control my time otherwise someone else will control it for me.
  •  Realize that every yes to someone is a no to someone else.
  • In leadership we need to be picky about what we say yes to.
  • Unbudgeted time should always go to want to do and not need to do.

On Study
  • Leaders are learners.
  • Decide - do I want to study or skim?
  • Study for depth over breath.

On Spiritual Strength
  • Know your full and empty guages.
  • Schedule solitude.

On Refreshment
  • Take a day off and make it non-negotiable.
  • Unplug.
  • When we are connected to everyone, we are not connected to THE ONE.

On Calling
  • Be in touch with your own depravity.
  • Understand your own limits.

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