Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leading From the Second Chair

I am a second chair leader.

When someone first mentioned this to me, I immediately went back to my band days in school. If you were second chair in band, that meant that there had been a competition and you had lost your chance at first chair. Everyone’s goal was to be first chair and there was a weekly competition for it. That isn’t this kind of second chair experience.

According to Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson, authors of the book Leading from the Second Chair, the definition of a second chair leader is “a person in a subordinate role whose influence with others adds value throughout an organization.”

They go on to say, 
"This definition highlights a number of factors
that every second chair must recognize.

A second chair leader is:

Subordinate– not the lead leader, but a follower and a leader.

A person of influence– his or her leadership is not based primarily on position.

Adding value throughout the organization– he or she has the big picture of the ministry in mind, and is repeatedly willing to do what it takes to strengthen the larger organization.

Effective second chair leaders think, lead, and shepherd beyond the parameters of their own ministry. They think of the whole, care for the whole, and seek to enhance the whole. Second chair leaders are expected to be bold initiators and faithful followers, creative thinkers and detailed implementers. The ongoing challenge is to do a wide variety of tasks and do them well.”

So what does being second chair look like for me today?

I see myself as serving both our Family Ministry Director and our team along with the families of our church. Every ministry leader with a vision needs a team to help make that vision a reality and I am a part of that team. 
I do that leading from the second chair.

Do you lead from the second chair?
What does that look like for you?



  1. LOVE this post...and love you, too Wendy! Thanks for the insight and inspiration today!

  2. This is good and where I am for this season... after working as a children's pastor for years. God is good and teaching a lot!

    Love you and your heart for His kids!

  3. Thanks Katie! You are such an encouragement to me friend!

    Thanks Holly! Praying for you friend! He is a good God!


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