Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Invitation to Just Be

I sit on a bench across the way from them. Two of the men in my life...big and little. One cutting branches and the other putting them in a pile. I hear my little man telling grand stories of previous days and my warrior listening and asking him to share more. D looks across the way and gives me a smile and a little nod. He knows. This moment in time is so special. It's theirs. All theirs. It isn't about a teaching moment or imparting this great wisdom. It is all about just being together. That in itself is the miracle. Our little man is helping daddy. They are working together. But even more than all that, they are just being together. Laughing. Smiling. Talking. All the while moving in this rhythm that is all about them. It is so beautiful. My two men sharing this moment. The precious moment.

As I sit taking in this moment, I hear this whisper speak to my heart,
"This is what it is like when we are together, my daughter."
Then the tears begin to flow.
He invites me to just be.
Be with Him.

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