Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laying a Foundation

Dr. Tim Lee came to The Gathering this past Sunday to share his testimony and an incredible message of salvation. As he was telling his story of being saved as a child and as a teenager beginning to run from God, I couldn't help thinking of our Kidzplayce kids.

We don't really know what God has in store for our kids in the future. We hope and pray that they won't have to travel down the prodigal road, but can't be sure that they won't. We can however be sure that God has called us to help parents lay the foundation of their faith in all we do in children's ministry. What we do each week matters and makes a kingdom difference in the lives of our kids.

As I watch each of our kids make the decision to follow Christ, I pray that they have a close relationship with Him for all of their lives. I pray that they never run from Him during troubled times, but instead run to Him.

Oh I have so many prayers for them as they begin this wonderful adventure with Jesus.

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