Friday, April 22, 2011

Learning to Dive In

I was thinking tonight of when my grandfather taught me how to dive.

When I was first trying to dive on my own, I would either end up falling in or belly flopping. I was getting frustrated and went to my grandfather and asked him what I was doing wrong.

He told me that I was trying to do too much all at once. He said that I needed to work my way up from kneeling to standing. He took me out to the pool and had me bend to one knee and put my arms up over my ears and then lean down into the dive. He talked me through it and cheered for me once I had done it. I was so excited. That was just the beginning on him teaching me and one of my treasure memories of our times together.

The reason I was thinking of it tonight was that I didn't just learn about diving into the pool from that experience, I also learned about diving into life.

Here are three things that I learned:
  • Getting on my knees is the best way to start. Praying is the beginning.
  • I need to block out what others say and listen to what God is saying.
  • I can lean on to my God and trust Him with everything.
I am so thankful for all of the lessons that I learned from my grandfather.

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