Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breakout Notes from Motivating Volunteers

My first breakout today was with Kendra Fleming on motivating volunteers. She is the Children’s Ministry Director at NorthPoint church. What she spoke about was much more than just motivating volunteers though. It was about what attracts volunteers to our ministries and how to inspire them to stay. Both are interconnected as Kendra said “what attracts them will make them stick.”

She talked about the 7 laws of attraction:

Visually appealing - The most powerful way to establish visual appeal is to pait a picture of what should be and what could be if we work together to accomplish our mission.

Excellence - If it isn't excellent, revamp it or kill it.

Celebrations - The more something is celebrated, the more valuable it is perceived to be.

Dynamic communities - Dynamic leaders are attracted to dynamic leadership communities.

Personal benefit - In every volunteer opportunity, there is a way to add value for the people you are trying to attract to your teams.

Fun - As a general rule of thumb, if you're not having much fun leading and creating an environment, the people serving with you aren't having much fun either.

Integrity - No one expects perfection, but what he or she does expect is integrity.

The one that really made me think was visual appearance. I loved that she said that you also should be able to cast an appealing vision that may not be able to be seen right now, but will help people see where you are going

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