Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breakout Notes from Engaging Kids in Worship

My second breakout was How to Engage Kids in Worship with Yancy. She really is a rock star, but not just because she can sing and play a guitar. She loves what she does and loves the kids she wants so much to reach with her music for the Lord. I especially love her heart for preteens. I took 3 pages of notes and could've listened to her share for hours on this topic.

Here are just some of what she had to say:

What does your music sound like?
  • ask your kids for feedback
  • boys like rock and roll
  • sometimes you have to let a song take a vacation
  • throw hokiness out the window
  • what are your kids listening to?
  • introduce new songs
Who do you have onstage leading worship?
  • should be someone your 6th grade boys would esteem to be like
  • what do they look like?
  • make a list of your worship team needs and pray for them
  • teach your team to build relationships with the kids
  • do they look like they're having fun?
  • do they have authority?
What are you teaching about worship?
  • should be teaching on why and how we worship
  • each week give a little nugget - scripture
10 tips
  1. prepare - The annointing doesn't make up for lack of preparation.
  2. speak clearly
  3. be energetic - vocal inflection is your accelerator
  4. be bold
  5. be consistant
  6. dont hide behind the microphone and music stand
  7. make eye contact
  8. give vocal instructions
  9. be creative in song choices
  10. problem solve and evaluate

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  1. did you take more thorough notes and could you send them to me?


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