Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today in KidzPlayce

Secret Agents
Mission 5

Take Jesus to your world!

Memory Verse

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..
Matthew 28:19a

This is usually the time when I share what the lesson was about and all that happened in small group, but something much bigger than all that happened today in KidzPlayce. Something incredible happened today.

April talked with the kids about sharing Jesus with others. She used an example of telling one friend about Jesus who tells two friends who tell two more friends and so on. Then there is a group of people who know Jesus and ask Him to be there forever friend. She explained that this is what making disciples means.

She then explained that in order to bring Jesus to the world, we have to know Him ourselves and have asked Him to be our own forever friend. She explained salvation to them today and I was blown away by the response.
Nine of our kids (including my Zachary) asked Jesus to be their forever friend!
Nine kids! Our God is so amazing!

So today I am praising God for these nine kids whose lives will never be the same and the KidzPlayce team who pours into their lives each week. I am thankful to God that my Zachary was one of those nine kids. I know that all of heaven is celebrating this moment with us today. I am so excited for how God is going to use these kids and to watch them grow closer to Him.

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