Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breaking the Silence

It really just started out as taking a break
over the summer to spend time with my family.
This whole not writing thing.
Then I realized it was a bit more than that.

A time to let God speak to my heart.
A time to speak to the hearts of others in my life.
A time to use my words more in other ways.
In prayer. 
With Him.
At home. 
With family and friends.

So I took the time.
I planned to start writing again once school started.
And I tried, but the words got stuck.

You see, right about that time some things happened that 
have been tough for me to talk about let alone write about here.
These things have challenged me in every way possible.
And I really didn't want to write about it.
Then I couldn't write anything.
So continued the silence.

I really miss writing.
I know that to begin again I have to break the silence on the hard stuff.
It was really difficult to do that with friends,
but I am so glad that I did.
Not only have they been so loving and supportive,
but it has given me a chance to do the same for others.
Being vulnerable opened that door.
Maybe I could be ok being vulnerable here too.
So looks like it's time to share.

So today is the first step.
Where I say...

Hello again, friends.
How I've missed you.



  1. Oh Wendy! I am so glad to see you back. I am here, my friend. You take the time, and when God gives you the opportunity, I am here to offer grace and love. I've really missed you!

  2. Glad you'e back! You've been missed!

  3. Love you, friend {HUGS}...welcome home...

  4. Love you, Wendy. Im so proud of you, and I'm glad you're back! Xoxoxo

  5. Love you, Wendy. Im so proud of you, and I'm glad you're back! Xoxoxo


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