Friday, May 17, 2013

He Speaks To Me

Five Minute Friday is where gather with my sweet friends
to write our hearts on a page for 5 minutes prompted
by the friend who encourages us to write bravely - Lisa-Jo.

I love this community more than words can express. 
They are my people.

Today is about SONG.

Five Minute Friday

God often uses the lyrics of a song to speak to my heart.

Sometimes it is to reinforce scripture that I have been reading that day. 
Sometimes it coincides with a conversation that I had recently. 
Sometimes it is a word of encouragement for the day.
Sometimes it is about a prayer that I barely whispered to Him.

Some songs speak only in a moment and there are ones that don't let go of me. These songs that grab hold touch something to deep in me. These are usually the ones that bring me to a place of worship when I least expect it and most need it. This place where I lift hands and lower knees all to Him.
Sometimes they break apart the hard and turn me inside out. 
The tears come and I come undone.

This is one of those songs.

I will sing of your strength; 
I will sing aloud of your 
steadfast love in the morning. 
Psalm 59:16

What song is God using to speak to you?



  1. That's such a great verse. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd never heard this song Wendy...thanks for the introduction. "Sometimes they break apart the hard and turn me inside out. The tears come and I come undone". Absolutely and wonderfully wrecked over these words. I've been listening to and torn apart by "River God" by Nichole Nordeman. Not a new song but one that washes me clean everytime. Glad I stopped by - have a great weekend.

  3. Aren't songs powerful! I used a song in my FMF post as well. Thankful God meets us all in creative ways! -Rachel

  4. Dear Wendy
    The words of a song that speaks most to me about the incredible the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus is, "Like a rose trampled to the ground, you took the fall, and thought of me, Above all". Another song of Josh Groban that has special meaning to me is, Don't Give Up. The words,"Don't give up for you are loved", has been such encouragement to me through these years.

  5. Beautiful. I love how a certain song will tie into a message on my heart too!

  6. I am so glad that you share your heart here Wendy. Be blessed:)

  7. Love this so much, Wendy. As I read, I was thinking of the verse in Job where he says "my God, who gives songs in the night." Just beautiful.

  8. I love Hillsong's Inside Out. Really, different songs speak to me at different moments, as you said. But that one has endured as a favorite.

    Visiting from FMF. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So well put. Just such process happened with me this morning. What full expression of a heart's prayer a song can be!

  10. God uses so many songs to speak to me. I wrote about my favorite band BarlowGirl today in my five minute Friday post

  11. I feel like songs are God's personal love letters to us, don't you? He has used so many to speak to me, but most recently was while I was giving birth to my newborn and the song "How Great Thou Art" was playing. It helped me get my mind off of my pain and focus on HIM! So thankful for songs and how He uses them in our lives.
    Love to you, sweet sister!

  12. I love this - and I love you - and I (now) love this song! I had never heard it - so thank you, my friend! Was so good to chat a bit last night! I so appreciate your prayers!

  13. I loved this Wendy... you and I, we both hear God in the songs that we here... this year my favourite has been David Crowder and How He Loves - "He is jealous for me - loves like a hurricane"

  14. Awesome post !! God has always touched me with songs even especially when I wasn't expecting it. Thank you for sharing your heart and your song.

  15. Oh yes, this is so true. Songs so often reiterate what we have read or learned in the Word. What a cool thing that is. I love that you wrote about this word this way. Thank you!

  16. Yes, God uses song to speak to us! Right now, I'm loving Hillsong United's new c.d.!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Break apart my hard and turn me inside out, Lord. Love these thoughts, Wendy. Beautiful truth that so resonated with my own heart.

  18. I love how God uses music to speak to me. My "go to" songs right now are anything by All Sons & Daughters. I just play the whole CD and worship with every song.

  19. love this and my song that I feel He speaks to me is His love never fails, never gives up never runs out on me, thank you Wendy for this:)

  20. Wow...I've never heard this. Love it! Yes, God uses music to speak to me all the time. Some become theme song's like The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns and lately I've heard MercyMe's The Hurt and The Healer. Beautiful!


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