Friday, May 3, 2013

Be brave today, friend.

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo and friends for Five Minute Friday.
This is where we come together writing for 5 minutes without editing or overthinking.
I love this community.

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Five Minute Friday

After a day filled with moments shared with some of the incredible 
women that God has placed in my life, I began to think about what 
a blessing it is to know and be known by them. 
Isn't that one of the things that we all long for? 
To be truly known.

To know means that we have to prioritize relationship over everything else.
To know means that we have to be willing to listen
once we have asked the tough questions.
To know means that we have to love no matter what. No. Matter. What.
To be known means that we bravely take off the mask and be transparent. 
To be known means that we have to stop saying we're fine when we aren't. 
To be known means that we have to share what 
we too often hide deep within our hearts.

That moment when we choose to come out from behind the masks and reveal ourselves...our true selves...can be scary. Frightening for some. Maybe most. Definitely for me. But the reward is so great. Greater than any fear holding you back from it.

You can be that person who shares those crazy thoughts that tumble out of your mouth at a pace that your expressive hands can't keep up with. 
You can say that sometimes you feel like you're failing at this momma thing and so many of the other thoughts and feelings that you couldn't possibly say out loud. Ever. 
But in this place you can and you do.

You can hear "me too" and "I totally get that." There are words of encouragement to be found in that place. There are hands to be held, shoulders to lean into, and hugs to be enveloped in. There are life stories to be told and miracles to be experienced. There is laughter shared that fills the room and tears that gather deep in your soul. There are prayers whispered and those that are boldly proclaimed. 
All in that place.

In that place that begins when we get real.
When we take off our masks.
Be brave today, friend.
Take it off.
Be you.



  1. Wendy, I am in this room with you, invited in--completely safe and free! This is just beautiful. I struggled with this with some face to face interactions these past two weeks, and He just met me, giving me courage to say the truth, leaning on Him the whole time. I just love you, sister. Thank you for your reminding me of His being our safe place, no matter what.

  2. What a beautiful gift we have in that fellowship, connection and grace. Thank you for that, sweet sister!

  3. Wendy,
    I love how you are creating a safe place for others; you're beautiful...Thank you, my friend :)

  4. I think I've told you this before, but reading your words makes me want to sit and chat with you over coffee. I really hope that will happen someday! :) I love your space and how you invite me to be real here. Blessings, sweet friend! I hope you are doing well! :)

  5. Yes my friend! Yes to ALL of this!!!

  6. You are so wonderfully encouraging Wendy. Thank you!!! Hear hear! Be brave. I loved this one.

  7. You know i love your heart! Sometimes I struggle with being transparent - I don't want to be too vulnerable, but I don't want to hold back either. Being obedient to Christ's call on my life is tough - it takes bravery!

  8. Yes, to be able to be brave, to be open and to be truly known AND still loved is the one thing we all desire. Thank you for making this place that one area where we can make that happen. By reading all the comments prior to mine I can see that other agree with me.

  9. Amen! Love this post. So beautiful.

  10. This is really good, Wendy. I am working on being brave...but I am not. I am SO not! This post is encouraging. Thank you!

  11. Dear Wendy
    One of the bravest thing we can do, according to me, is to take off our masks and be transparent. Why do we hide so much of ourselves from others, thinking that they will not like us if they knew the real you? May we never do that with our Lord. He loves honesty.
    Blessings from FMF

  12. beautiful...
    It's no surprise I've been thinking about transparency lately. I'm reading a book that says "Transparency is the first step to sharing your testimony."
    and that's hit me hard.
    for I want to share my story He has given only me...for His glory.
    love you, friend. letting you in is easy...:)

  13. yes! to listen unmasked, grace-filled and transparent! thank you, Wendy ...


  14. Oh, so much beauty to be found when we are willing to take the masks off! Thanks for setting that example through your words and your heart! Do you know how thankful I am that God brought you into my life through your words and your internet presence? Much love to you, sweet sister!

  15. Oh my -- the moment we dare come out from behind those masks -- NOW THAT IS FOR SURE BRAVERY!!! Why is that so hard for us? Beautiful girl!

  16. I love that place, where the mask is off and we get real. so grateful for it in real life and in this beautifully brave online community. Great post Wendy!

  17. Love this, Wendy. It's such a blessing and gift when you find people that you can truly be totally yourself with. So grateful to finally know what that is like.

  18. Yes! I love how God takes my "no more hiding" motto and helps other women feel less alone or even brave enough to say they've been there too. God will use everything...for the good. Amen!

  19. Love this and you!! Yes so thankful to have those friends that love me for me!!

  20. Wendy... Thank you for sharing this. I love your heart. We can be brave by being real... Thank you!

  21. Can I just tell you how deeply "tears that gather in the deep in your soul" spoke to me today? I love your love for this community of encouragers. Those masks never fit quite right anyway, do they? I choose to be brave and be real right alongside you!

  22. Oh this is so good! Taking off that mask can be scary, but the blessing? The community that builds around you when you are transparent & authentic? It's so beautiful.


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