Sunday, April 28, 2013

Orange Main Session - Perry Noble

Here are my notes from Perry Noble's session. 
I loved hearing his heart.

If we really want to reach the next generation, we need to understand that they aren’t interested in our ability. They’re interested in our availability. They don’t care how much theology we know or how well a program is executed. They care that there is a worker in that room that is going to love them.

Perry then took us to 1 Samuel 3 and the story of Eli and Samuel.

Eli was jacked up. He had not done what God has called him to do. 
I am so glad today that God uses jacked up people.

I have heard people say…
I don’t feel qualified to do what I do.
- God only uses jacked up people.
I am just a volunteer.
- You are not just a volunteer. You are a person with a calling and the anointing of God on your life to change the life of a child.

Some say that children’s ministry and student ministry is dead in the church today. They couldn’t be more wrong. If someone believes that, they’re obviously not serving there.

Investing in our children means no more fundraising; 
no more car washes so kids can go on a mission trip.
For where your treasure is, 
there will your heart be also. 
Luke 12:34

“Then the Lord called Samuel…”
God really does speak to children. He wants to speak to them in a clean, safe, fun environment where they can learn about Jesus on their level.
If we tell them when they are little that Jesus loves them, 
they will believe it when they are older.

You can entertain kids or you can bore them.
We are going to teach them that Jesus is boring and Disney is going to teach them that Mickey is fun. Then we wonder why kids leave the church.

“Samuel went to Eli”
The voice of God must have sounded a lot like Eli.
Isn’t it funny that God spoke to a child through a voice he was already familiar with?
What if this weekend God wants to talk to a kid in your church through a voice that they already know.

Kids just need someone to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them. 
That has nothing to do with our ability and everything to do with our availability.
Samuel always went to Eli because he was available.

Eli didn't try to be the voice of God for Samuel, but he helped Samuel 
get to a place where he could hear the voice of God.

Let’s be available for these kids.
We get to do what we do today because our Savior was available.

If you’re available, God will use you to make a bigger difference than you can imagine.

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