Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NextGen/Family Ministry Leadership: Leading 360 Degrees - Michael Bayne

Michael is an incredible leader and friend.
Today I attended his workshop
Next Gen/Family Ministry Leadership
Leading 360 Degrees

Here are my notes.

Most of the problems we face have nothing to do with our call and our passion. 
My ability to lead is where most of my problems begin.

What I do with my time here matters greatly. How I choose to lead is a really big deal.

In order to make not just a big impact but a lasting impact, you will have to lead with courage.
Leadership is learned.

In a messy leadership situation, in a church without clear direction, 
how am I going to be able to make an impact?

If you want to make a real difference you have to expand your leadership influence
and fight for the health of the church and not just your family ministry.

We are called to ensure our churches are not pushing the next generation away.

The church needs us to remind them that we are called to have the heart of a child …
a willingness to learn, risk, experiment, laugh, explore, and love.

Lead up

Embrace authority.
Treat those in authority over you the way you want those you lead to treat you.

Build the relationship.
Get to know who your leaders are.

Deliver consistently. 
Build trust by doing great and consistent work.

Discover your leader’s strengths.
Not just know but celebrate.

Fill the gap.
You’re at your church for a reason.

Publicly support.
Public support leads to private influence.

Lead Across

Leading across is not a one-time event, not a project, it’s an ongoing process.

Care about more than just what is on your to do list
Don’t pretend to be the perfect leader
Build bridges not silos
Develop authentic friendships
Strive for production not politics

You want to lead across well? Say you're sorry. Admit your mistakes. Be real.

Bridges…how can we support the big picture?

Authentic friendships
So many unhealthy churches are due to no depth of relationships.

I want to be about the family of God and not the corporation of God. 
Family knows each other. Family spends time together.

Leading Down

Walk slowly.
Know the people you’re leading.
Believe in your team.
Look at potential, discover their strengths. 
Everyone needs someone to believe in them. Be that leader.
Give away opportunities to lead
Model the behavior you desire
Continually repeat the vision
Reward results

You can view Michael's notes on his blog here.

Michael Bayne is a follower of Christ, husband, dad, and pastor passionate about reaching the next generation for Christ. Michael serves as the Executive Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee.
Twitter: @michael_bayne

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