Thursday, April 4, 2013

His Hands in the Dirt

Watching my husband work in the dirt is a bit of a spiritual experience for me.
Something about watching him prepare the ground for planting speaks to my soul.
He chooses the tools he uses with great care. He uses only the ones necessary to break it and turn it over. With each break and turn, my heart turns with it. 
I am silent and spellbound as I watch this man works his hands through loose earth. Carefully making sure not to disturb any of the little sprouts peeking through, 
he pulls the weeds that will try to strangle those flowers later.

I break the silence with a whisper, asking when the color will come. And he chuckles and says, "Patience, love. Soon." He begins to weave words of beauty in tales of the flowers that will come and the ones he intends to add to complete the palate.
Always adding more and more shades of purple. For me. 
My heart skips a beat and I tumble head first for this man all over again.

You see what begins as his hands in the dirt becomes his love letter to me. 
With each flower he has planted that blooms, I am reminded that he has picked each one especially for me. With each moment kneeling in the flower garden, 
he is tending to my heart and soul.

How does your husband speak to your heart?



  1. I love this post. Definitely reminded me of my husband. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you so much! So love that it touched your heart and brought your husband to mind. Blessings!

  2. Oh my goodness Wendy! You had me teary eyed this was so moving. Hugs! I love purple too. My hubby every Sunday morning gets up and gets the kids ready for church, makes me coffee, and breakfast and lets me get ready in peace. It's a lovely morning and I am so grateful for his thoughtfulness.

    1. Oh what a wonderful way for your husband to love on your friend. Giving you that time of peace. Thank you so much Heather. HUGS!

  3. I had a comment typed up. Now it's gone. For the love of Pete. No, that's not my hubby's name -- it's the name of this frustration. LOL Hope to see you online in a bit.

  4. Dear Wendy
    Your love for your husband is a beauty to behold!! And just like he prepares a flower garden for you, our Heavenly Groom prepares a place of e credible beauty for us, His Bride.


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