Friday, December 28, 2012

My Favorite Reads of 2012

I absolutely love to read.
I read everything I can get my hands on.
From fiction to non fiction.
From leadership to love in action.
From motherhood to ministry.

I wanted to share some of my favorite reads from this year.
I tried very hard to limit the list to only ten books, but couldn't do it 
as there were so many excellent books that I read this year.

So here is my list (in no particular order).

Undaunted by Christine Caine

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Love Does by Bob Goff

Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley

Greater by Steven Furtick

The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett

You're Already Amazing by Holley Gerth

Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar

Abba's Child by Brennan Manning

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman

Everything by Mary DeMuth

Empty Promises by Pete Wilson

One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer

A Confident Heart by Renee Swope

Love Works by Joel Manby

Chronicles of the Kings Series
Faith of My Fathers, & Among the Gods by Lynn Austin

What are some of your favorite reads this year?


  1. I read and loved One Thousand Gifts. I need to bookmark this post for future reads!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop last week. I am following you back by the way. :)

    If you have time, we'd love to have you come and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already! (Thank you so very much if you've already linked up, I truly appreciate it!!)

    Come and link up, enter the giveaway (if you haven't yet) and celebrate the coming weekend with us!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

    1. Such a fantastic book. Definitely impacted me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Blessings friend!

  2. Great collection . I just read few books at the very end of 2012 :)
    New follower from blog hop :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. What books did you read? I am always looking for new books to read. Blessings!

  3. A wonderful selection of books. Some of these will surely end up on my list too. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the hop xo

    1. What have you been reading this year friend? Blessings!

  4. What a great list. Text books were on my 2012 reading list, lol, but I do love to read!

    1. Thanks so much friend! What was your favorite class this year? Blessings!

  5. Thanks for posting this list! I, too, love to read.

    Much love to you...

    1. Love right back to you sweet friend! Blessings!

  6. It's no wonder we get along fabulously, friend! I've read many of these...will be adding Sheila Walsh's book and "Undaunted" to my 2013 list--thank you!! (and I just checked. I'm down to #27 waiting at the library for "Grace for the Good Girl" :) )

    Hugs to you!

    1. Kindred spirits I tell ya. :) Added a few of yours to my list for the coming year too. Love you much. Blessings sweet friend.

  7. Happy New Year!I love your blog. I found you through Aloha Blog Hop. Stop by and say hi if you get a minute. :)

    1. Happy New Year to you too Lenetta! Thanks so much! Blessings!

  8. You have some great reads listed here. I'll be checking a few of them out in 2013. I'm pinning to refer back. Found you on Social Sunday. Thanks for sharing and for linking up!

    Roxana (

  9. Part of my New Years Resolution is to read more books and more quality books. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday :-)

  10. Oooooh I'm so glad to have this list! I need new material this year! I hope most of these are available on a Kindle....?
    For a while I stopped reading for pleasure and would only read "How to" books: How to be a good mom, How to raise a family, How do deal with a difficult child, How to homeschoool, etc (not actual titles, just the content example!) and about two years ago I made a New Year's Resolution: to read for ENJOYMENT and ENTERTAINMENT like I used to! Every since then, I've been enjoying about two or three books per month. Fiction. Just for entertainment. My busy mommy mind needs the escape, LOL
    Love your list. Thanks for sharing :)
    Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom


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