Friday, April 20, 2012

Raising Grazers

I am raising grazers.

It began when they were toddlers. Very rarely would any of my boys stand still let alone sit to eat. Instead it would be like a drive-by meal. I would cut everything up into little pieces for their little hands. Finger foods were a staple so they could grab and go.

When my firstborn started this I went to our pediatrician and nervously asked if this should be something I should be concerned about. He asked one question that stuck with me..."Is he getting the food that he needs?" When I answered "yes", he then assured me that was all that mattered. So I relaxed and went with it. It was easier to recognize with my next two and I adapted to their grazing habits as well.

Much has changed since those toddler years. Yes, they do sit down for meals now with only the occasional drive-by. Their grazing habits are still there, but have manifested in different areas now.

I have learned that lengthy conversations is one of those areas. They will listen for a short period of time and then there comes the point where their eyes get that glazed look and I just know something has clicked for them. They have entered the TMI zone and their brains have hit information overload.

So I have adjusted those conversations to be brief, but packed full of what they need to hear. There are less glazed looks and zoning out during the chats. I remember the question the pediatrician asked all those years ago to reassure me. I know that it doesn't really matter that they are getting it in smaller bites. The important thing is that they are getting what they need.

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  1. Pretty cool analogy. I'm not known for being concise, but since my kid is a grazer (in food and in mind), I think I might have to start adopting this habit.


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