Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orange Bound

Today I am heading to the Orange Conference and wanted to share the breakouts that I will be attending on Thursday. I will be blogging and tweeting about them throughout the day. Really looking forward to all I will be learning from these incredible leaders.

Volunteer Meet Parent - Sue Miller

We talk a lot about the importance of connecting with parents when thinking Orange. But what would a volunteer say to a child's parents? What should a volunteer hope to accomplish when connecting? What if the parent doesn't want to connect with the ministry volunteer? This topic is becoming more and more important as we seek to train our volunteers! Let's explore the answers to these questions and get a handle on what this can look like in your church.

Turning Rotating Volunteers into Regular Servers - Sue Miller

So many of us struggle with volunteers who do not want to commit to serving regularly in our ministry. What can we do to help them catch the vision for becoming a regular small group leader? Learn what other leaders have tried that proved effective in giving children a circle of friends with the same leader each week.

Transitioning to a Small Group Model - Tom Shefchunas

Are you a small group based ministry? Or do you just say you are? There is more to transitioning from a traditional Sunday School Model to a small groups based model than changing the words you use to describe it. Join Tom Shefchunas, Director of Transit (Middle School) for North Point Ministries, as he discusses what it takes to move your church from a traditional model to a true small group model.

The Private Life of the Public Leader - Doug Fields

As a ministry leader your life is being watched - whether you want it to be or not, you're a public figure! Beneath the skin of that public persona is a private world that must be healthy for the public ministry to thrive. There's a constant tension between these two worlds because the teenagers, parents, church staff, and congregants have heavy expectations that often dismantle the inner world of a leader. In this workshop we'll be talking about protecting, developing and strengthening the inner world. Ministry is a marathon and leaders need to learn to pace themselves to survive and thrive.

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  1. I'd really love your notes on the Doug Fields workshop. Sounds great and he always does a stand up job.


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