Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kidzplayce Family Devotional


Lesson 2

I Should Trust God To Provide For My Needs!

Raven True/False:

1. True/False: Ravens are the largest perching birds in North America.

2. True/False: Most ravens live for five years.

3. True/False: Ravens mate for life.

Answers: 1. True 2. False: The average life span of a raven is 13 years 3. True

Bible Verse

This week’s Bible verse tells us that God will take care of our needs. Philippians 4:19

Bible Story

In our lesson this week we imagined what it would have been like if Elijah hadn’t trusted God to provide for his needs. As a family, read the actual story of Elijah and how he did obey God in 1 Kings 17.

Helping Others!

Often times, God wants to use us to meet someone else’s needs. Talk about some of the different ways you can do that as a family. A few examples might be, you could serve at a soup kitchen, baby sit for someone or mow a neighbor’s yard. As a family, read Prov¬erbs 3:27-28 and then pick one way to meet someone else’s need this week. As you are meeting that need this week, talk about how God can use other people to provide for other’s needs.

Obedience Coupons

Parents, create five coupons per child that would be some type of reward for each child. Some examples are the child gets to pick what we have for dinner, play a game of catch or a trip to the mall. You will use these coupons as rewards throughout the week. Each time you see your child being obedient you can give them a coupon. When you give them the coupon, talk about how God provides for us when we obey, just like you are providing something for them as they obey.

What Has God Provided?

We have been learning about how God provides for us.

There are so many things that He gives us and we are going to identify some of them. Each person in the family gets several sticky notes, write your name on them or draw something on them so everyone will know they are yours. Now, go around the house and put your sticky notes on something that God has provided for you. To make it a little harder, two sticky notes can’t be in the same place. After everyone is out of sticky notes, go back around the house and each person has to explain their notes and how God has provided for them.

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