Thursday, October 27, 2011

Empowering Parents

Recently a friend shared a beautiful experience he had with his daughter. They were driving home from an event she had attended and she began to talk about her experience there. This led to a conversation about salvation and she shared that she wanted to surrender her life to Christ. My friend pulled over the car and right there led his daughter to Christ.

While this is a wonderful story, I couldn't help thinking later that this is a rarity for most parents. Myself included.

For all three of my boys, a pastor or children's pastor actually led them in the prayer of salvation. My husband and I had many conversations with them about Jesus and what it means to be saved. We also spoke with each one after they had this experience in church making sure they understood what it meant. It wasn't that we couldn't lead them in the actual prayer, but God's timing with each one happened during worship at church.

All of this led me to start thinking about how we are empowering parents in leading their children in conversations about salvation and the actual prayer of surrender. What resources are we giving parents that may not be sure what to say during these conversations or unsure of what scripture to reference?

 I have been searching online for different resources.

Here are just a few things that I've found.

Here is a video with kids explaining the ABCs of salvation:

This is also a great video including scripture:

David Staal has also written a book called Leading Your Child to Jesus. Leading Your Child to Jesus equips parents with the simple, effective communication tools that will help them discuss salvation with their child. They can learn how to share their own salvation story, explain the gospel in kid-friendly language, and lead their child in a prayer of salvation.

Right now in our Children's Ministry we are evaluating how we are equipping parents to be spiritual leaders. We are talking about providing parents with discussion questions and answers along with the scripture to better equip them in having these conversations. We are also talking about offering a new believers class that both parents and children can attend together.

What are you doing to empower your parents in leading their child to Christ?

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