Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coordinate with Cozi

Families are so busy today and trying to keep up with everyone's schedules can be a challenge. We are a family of five with three boys in school and various activities. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make it easier to keep track of our daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled events from school to church.

I was so exited to find Cozi. Not only is there a website to work out schedules, but a phone app as well. Cozi allows me to add everyone's activites in one place where we can all access it. It even sends text reminders to the members of your family that you add to the account.

Cozi also has shopping lists and to do lists that can be accessed by everyone. This is fantastic for my husband to add things to my shopping list that he is needing. Of course I haven't added my boys to have access to that application as it's hard to tell what they might add. :)

There is also a place to add photos and keep a family journal. This is a great way to share memories.

Did I mention that Cozi is FREE? Yep FREE!

You can check out Cozi's website here:

You can also connect with them on Facebook here:
and you can follow them on Twitter here:

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