Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today in Kidzplayce

Adventures in Science

God gave us the world, so we should take care of it.

Memory Verse

Fill the Earth and govern it. 
Genesis 1:28b

Bible Lesson

God’s creation
Genesis 1 – 2:3

Small Group Time

Today we talked about how God created the world. He created it from nothing. He spoke and it was. That’s how powerful God is. But it’s also really cool that He used His power to create something amazing for us.
 We also talked about the world around us and how we’re supposed to take care of it. That means we don’t litter, we take care of the environment and any creatures we share the environment with. God tells us that in the Bible.

God knew that there were going to be a lot of us on earth and He put us in charge of taking care of it. That means we shouldn’t trash the planet by littering or chop down trees we don’t need. We also have to take care of the animals that we share the planet with. God cares about the world because He is the one who made it. He gave us this world and we need to take care of it. 

Note to KidzPlayce Parents

Your child was given papers to bring home and share with you. These papers will tell you exactly what the lesson was today including the memory verse and Bible story. The paper has something for you all to do together this week. These activities will give you an opportunity to talk with your child about the lesson and have some great devotion time together as a family.

The KidzPlayce team feels so incredibly blessed to spend each week loving on your children and sharing God's Word with them. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all each week.

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