Thursday, July 28, 2011

Along the Way

As I continue my adventure in children's ministry, I am so excited to lead the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls in KidzPlayce at The Gathering.

These Thursday posts are part of my journey along the way.

Sometimes being a small group leader in children's ministry can be a challenge.

We had a first time guest that was very resistant to coming in. I was at the door greeting when her mom brought her to our room. She is in fifth grade which means that she is in my small group. I spoke with her mom and tried to engage her daughter in conversation. She went "statue" on me which means that she went silent, arms plastered to her sides, and no direct eye contact. Our children's pastor then attempted to engage her so that I could go inside as our service was about to start. I left her not knowing if she would join us inside.

When we were getting ready to begin, I noticed her slip in to a seat towards the door near the back. I would swear that she looked like she was keeping her options open to make a break for it at any moment. I attempted again to engage her by asking if I could sit by her to which there was only a strong shake to her head. I have to admit that I was seriously considering giving up on any further attempts to engage her.

Then it hit me...start praying sister. I began to pray that I would have a moment to connect with her during our small group time. I asked God for just a moment. Sometimes that's all it takes.

So we get to small group and she attempts to disengage from the circle several times with me asking her to rejoin each time. I was not giving up. I knew that God would provide the opportunity that I was praying for. God is so faithful. That moment happened during our prayer request time. This is the time when the girls share prayer requests and we pray together. As I get to her and ask if she has a prayer request, she looks up at me. For the first time she looks at me. I realize that God has provided that moment and we connect. She ends up sharing something she needs prayer for and even offers to pray as the girls take turns praying over the requests. In the sweetest softest voice she prays.

Thank you Lord for that moment.

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