Friday, April 15, 2011

Final Night of Refuge

Tonight was the last night of Refuge.
God was so present there tonight.

The Gathering Worship team was so incredible.
Annointed. Beautiful.
This was my favorite song tonight.

Pastor Bil Cornelius shared his story tonight. His story of the journey that God took him on with his prayer life and the beginning of something amazing.

Here are just a few of the things he shared with us:

It began with a trip to Disney where God said to him, "If he did all this with a mouse, what can you do with the Holy Spirit?"

God told him to pray more...100 hours.

This is the scripture Pastor Bil referred to:

Dress yourselves in burlap and weep, you priests!
Wail, you who serve before the altar!
Come, spend the night in burlap,
you ministers of my God.
For there is no grain or wine
to offer at the Temple of your God.
Announce a time of fasting;
call the people together for a solemn meeting.
Bring the leaders
and all the people of the land
into the Temple of the Lord your God,
and cry out to him there.
Joel 1:13-14

Your present misery will become your future ministry.

The "big secret" that God has for you is that He wants to tell you who you really are. He so wants you to draw close to Him to share all of His secrets with you.

The difference between a good idea and a God idea is that you are burdened for His idea. You can't not do it.

When things seems to stop, God has put a halt to it so you will call out to Him.

An Acts Chapter 2 ministry requires and Acts Chapter 1 commitment.

God said 2 things:
Instantly obey Me.
I will not share My glory with anyone.

Then Pastor Bil quoted the scripture which is the verse of my calling:

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts;
let them proclaim your power.
 Psalm 145:4

We then closed the evening in prayer.
A room full of people again on their knees crying out to God.
A true prayer gathering.

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