Friday, April 29, 2011

Breakout Notes from Volunteer Assimilation

My first breakout today was Volunteer Assimilation with Nina Schmidgall. She is the Family Ministry Director at NCC. 
She started by sharing this quote from Andy Stanley:
Statements are hanging on the wall, while systems are happening down the hall.

Volunteer assimilation is incorporating new teammates into our existing schemes.

Best practices for reaching new volunteers
  • maximize gifts. don't fill holes.
  • vision cast
  • encourage "heart service"
  • "date" a new volunteer
  • create a vacuum for service
Best practices for assimilating new volunteers
  • orientation and manual
roles and responsibilites
  • curriculum
  • protect new volunteers
  • coach or mentor
Best practices for keeping new volunteers
  • encouragement
  • appreciation
  • privileges and perks
  • create community
  • create culture
  • provide new leadership opportunities
  • ongoing training
  • feedback
  • have fun

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