Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breakout Notes from Connecting with Parents Using Social Media

My fourth breakout was How to Connect with Parents Using Social Media with Matt McKee and Kenny Conley. I love their hearts to leverage social media to reach out to not only parents but kids as well. I always feel a little smarter when it comes to technology anytime I hear something from Matt and am constantly learning from Kenny as well. This breakout was no different.

Here is just a bit of what they shared:

Social media is interaction and not pushing an agenda. You have to be able to be multiple places as people are choosing how they digest their information. It really isn't about you. It's about the person you are trying to reach and how they choose to digest.

Here are some examples of social media and a bit about each:

  • What's happening right now?
  • flowing information at a rapid pace
  • many are getting their news from Twitter
  • Who am I?
  • highly relational - like inviting someone into your livingroom
  • churches should have sermons, podcasts, and pictures on page
Other topics they discussed were the value of doing a blog and using text messages to communicate with parents. 98% of text messages get read.

Some more hints about using Facebook:
  • Set up a fan page and not a group
  • it will come up in a google search
  • great way to connect with first time guests

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