Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today in Kidzplayce

Fear Factor


*being brave enough to do what you should even when you're afraid*

Remember God is with you when you do the right thing.

Memory Verse

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3

Bible Lesson

Daniel 3

Small Group Time

Today in our small group we talked about trusting God and doing the right thing. We talked about how God wants us to trust Him no matter who tries to change our minds or what threats we face. We talked about how hard it is to do the right thing sometimes, but we can always pray to God and ask for His help. The more we do the right thing, the more we see that we can trust God. Courage doesn't mean that we won't be afraid, but it does mean not letting our fears keep us from doing the right thing. God loves us so much and gives without limit. One of the things He gives us is courage.

We found the chapter from our lesson in our Bibles
and highlighted it to share with our families.

Note to KidzPlayce Parents

Your child was given papers to bring home and share with you. The Refrigerator Door paper will tell you exactly what the lesson was today including the memory verse and Bible story. The God Time paper has something for you all to do together for four days this week. These activities will give you an opportunity to talk with your child about the lesson and have some great devotion time together as a family.

The KidzPlayce team feels so incredibly blessed to spend each week loving on your children and sharing God's Word with them. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all each week.

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