Friday, January 21, 2011

Letting Go

A few days ago I posted that I was having a rough morning and could use some prayers. That wasn't the hard part. That came with the next post as I shared that I was fighting the urge to quit. Putting that out there was one of the hardest things to do for me. That struggle is one that I usually keep buried deep inside to fight on my own. What usually goes through my head are things like, "what would people think? why would people want to hear about that?" So I wouldn't say anything.

But a few days ago I realized that as long as I keep it a secret struggle then I will continue to fight the fight alone. And the only one that wants me to fight fear and self doubt alone is the devil. So I let go and said it. What happened next blew me away. Phone calls, messages, and texts flooded in. People stood in the gap for me that day praying over me, for me, and with me. I am so thankful. So thankful. God spoke to me that day through these incredible people who reached out and loved on me when I was feeling low.

All it took was me
letting go...

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