Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridays with My Guys

I am sitting here a little late tonight and my guys are all in bed fast asleep. I have been thinking about how much I really enjoy each one of them. I really look forward to spending time with them and they are the most important people in my life.

I love the way that Donnie totally gets me without me having to say a word. That he knows exactly when I need a hug and when I just need to laugh out loud. I love that he can still give me butterflies with a look and that he still likes to hold my hand.

I love the conversations that AJ and I have been having that challenge me at times and make me proud at other times. I love that he has a wonderful sense of humor with just a hint of sarcasm that I totally get.

I love that Conner has a heart that is so open to loving on people around him. I love that he serves in the preschool ministry and so enjoys his time with the "minis" as he affectionately calls the kids.

I love that Zachary loves to praise God for even the little things out loud and full of joy. I love that he says what he feels when he feels it and will shout from the rooftops that he "loves our family."

So as the weekend approaches, I am praying for moments to share with each one of them. I am praising God for them and the memories we will make together each day.
I just love my guys!

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