Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in the Bible Wednesday

There are some really great resources available to help teach our kids more about the Bible. My favorite right now is the What's in the Bible series from Phil Vischer. I love how it combines humor and creativity with biblical truth to give children a love for God's Word as they learn more about Him.

So for a bit I am going to be sharing something each week to show you how much you need to have this series and all the ways that you can share it with others.

One of the ways that I have used this series is showing a clip during the Sunday morning service with the kids. On this particular weekend we were doing a lesson on Nehemiah and I came across this video.

Not only does this clip show the kids where to find Nehemiah in the Bible, but also shares the story of him in a fun and memorable way. The kids absolutely loved it and were clapping along with the song by the end.

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