Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Larry Shallenberger & Lead the Way God Made You!

I am so excited to be a part of the birthday celebration for Larry Shallenberger's Lead the Way God Made You! I picked up this book a few years ago when I first began serving in children's ministry and have read it several times since then. I will just go ahead and tell you that I absolutely LOVE this book! Here are just a few of the reasons why.

So many of us think that in order to lead, we need to be good at everything. We are actually called to use our strengths and build a team around us who are also walking in their giftings. Larry Shallenberger begins his book by saying you don't have to be perfect. You just have to "Lead the Way God Made You."

Larry uses a stage production to frame the different leadership styles. These styles are the director, the production assistant, the stage manager, the drama coach, the theater manager, and the stagehand. Not only does he describe each one, but he also give biblical examples. The dramatic leadership test is included in the book, as well as summaries of each style to share what you have learned. He even includes team building exercises to help others on your team discover their own styles and how to blend them together.

I think that Larry summed up the purpose of his book best by saying:
"You can belong to a team of leaders that's dedicated. You can train together and discover how to each make your own contribution to the team. Use this book to discover how God wired you for leadership. Use this book as a springboard for discussion with your team to become more united toward a common purpose-the victory and fame of Jesus."

Larry was kind enough to give me two books-one to read and one to give away. The thing is I really like my highlighted and note-covered copy I bought a few years ago, so I will be giving away both copies.

Leave a comment sharing what part you are playing in children's ministry now
and tweet this: I entered to win Lead the Way God Made You by @LShallenberger here http://savedsister7.blogspot.com & you can too! #kidmin

I will announce the winners Friday night!

You can check out more of what Larry is saying at www.larryshallenberger.com and you definitely need to pick up his book for yourself and everyone on your team!

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