Monday, June 14, 2010

What Matters Now in Children's Ministry

What Matters Now in Children's Ministry addresses the question that all of us serving in Children's Ministry at one time or another have asked ourselves. I spent most of the time note taking and nodding as I read each author's viewpoint.

I believe this book to be an excellent volunteer tool - both those currently serving and those who are considering it. With both, it can be used to spark conversations and help people verbalize what they think is an important aspect of children's ministry. For your current team, it will also serve as a way to evaluate if you are applying what views you agree with now and if not, how can you begin to implement changes to reach that goal.

I think it is already an invaluable tool within the Children's Ministry community. Not only do we get to see what everyone else is thinking, but we are also freed to speak our mind on the subject. It has validated my thinking as I read my thoughts verbalized by someone else. This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone just beginning a journey in children's ministry and those who have travelled this road for some time.

A huge thank you to Amy Dolan, Henry Zonio, and Matt Guevara for putting this book together. Thank you to Imago ( for donating their time for the design of the book. Thanks also to all of the authors who took the time to share "What Matters Now in Children's Ministry."

You can purchase your copy here for just $7.99. There is a 10% discount available through June 21 with the use of discount code "N8XZJLWK".

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  1. ooh! i like the idea of using it as an evaluation tool! fantastic -



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