Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Matters Now...

Some great minds in Children's Ministry got together and published this e-book detailing what matters now.


They picked one word that really summed up what they feel is relevant today when it comes to kids. This is a must read folks and at a great price - FREE!

When I finished reading everyone else's insights, it made me think on what I consider to matter now.

So my word is CONNECTIONS.

I believe that everyone who could possibly impact the life of a child should be connected. Parents, Pastors, teachers, small group leaders, EVERYONE! If we all unite to walk with a child in their journey, someone will always be there when those rocky paths or detours come up.

I am not talking about one of those paperchains we use to decorate at Christmas. I mean a super strong steel chain link that cannot be broken easily.

This means a firm biblical foundation with all on the same page when it comes to the big picture. What are the parents looking for when it comes to support? What do the parents want us to reinforce that they are doing at home? What is the youth pastor looking for when it is time for the child to move from elementary to middle school?

These questions and more when examined can be the beginning to building that strong connection that is needed by every child today. Everyone connected and focused on impacting a child...that's what matters now.


  1. Great insights Wendy. I think your idea of unity is critical. When we can achieve unity of purpose and vision amongst those who have input into a child's life, we can accomplish great things for the kingdom of God!

  2. woa! we totally have the same mind - i was just talking about this idea yesterday, that we need to start developing holistic partnerships for the entire growth of the child. connecting teachers, sports coaches, music teachers, parents, and church leaders together so that they can be aligned in a child's growth!

    love the word - connections!


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