Thursday, May 6, 2010

Leading Orange

The second pre-conference break out I attended was Leading Strategically from Your Strengths with Michael Chanley. I was excited to be hearing Michael speak as I identify with his "plan of attack" way of looking at things. He is a former military man who has applied that background to leadership in ministry.
 Michael discussed targeting critical vulnerabilities which in non-military terminology translates to problem solving.
 Here is what he shared:
 Situation - Identify what the problem is.
 -Where do you see a need to act?
 Mission - Develop a mission that solves for the situation.
 -What will you do to advance the kingdom within this area?
-What will be your focus?
-Tie this to your church's values.
 Execution - Create a plan for how you will execute the mission.
 -What programs, if any, will you implement? Why?
-What steps will you take to get the job done?
 Admin & Logistics - Who carries out the task & how will they be supported?
 -What resources will be at their disposal?
 Command & Control - Create markers along the journey to gauge progress.
-How often will you meet?
-What is your plan to follow up with your team?
-Who will hold you accountable?
 During his talk, Michael made two statements that I wanted to be sure to share. He said, "Brothers and sisters, we know we are victorious in Christ. Act with boldness!" And he said, "Be sure to celebrate the risk taken and not the failure."
 Michael reminded me that we are battling for the souls of children today.
 You can connect with Michael and others in Children's Ministry by heading to
 You will also want to check out his book along with 34 other great minds called Collaborate: Family & Church.
Michael suggested these resources:
 Trombone Player Wanted (DVD series) -Marcus Buckingham
Your Child's Strengths (Book) -Jennifer Fox
Strengths Finder 2.0 (Book) -Tom Rath

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