Sunday, May 9, 2010

Forecasting Orange

The last pre-conference break out I attended was Looking Ahead and Pointing the Way with Jim Wideman. To say that I was looking forward to hearing what Jim had to say is an understatement. I was looking forward to this breakout most of all as I knew that Jim would have some golden nuggets to share...what I got instead was a gold mine of information.
Forecasting is to predict a future condition or occurance - to calculate in advance by forsight and forethought in planning.
Visionary leaders talk about and work on the church they want to have and not the church they have now. A leader must know where he's heading, where he is now, and how to get from where is he to where he's going.
Jim's 12 steps in forecasting:
1. Know where you're heading.

-Ministries need to dream together and talk about where they want the kids to be when they move on to the next ministry area.
-There needs to be measureable steps for parents.
2. Know where you are.

-Evaluate constantly.
-What's working?
3. Know where you've been.

-Know the history.
-Study the numbers.
4. Know what others are doing.

-Study the success and failure of other leaders.
-You can learn from other people's questions too.
-Don't ever think you know it all-Have a mentor.
5. Get God's plan for your ministry.

-Pray, stay in the Word, and brainstorm with wise people.
-Never override the checks of the Holy Spirit.
6. Develop a plan.

-Bring to pass what you can do.
-First things first.
-Look for others to bring on the team to share the vision.
7. Communicate and execute the plan.

-Use every means possible to communicate: meetings, website, emails, etc.
8. Evaluate

-People do what you inspect as well as what you expect.
-Catch people doing great things.
9. Teach & make corrections.

-If something isn't working, change it. 
-What are your trends telling you?
10. Set the right pace to be the leader.

-Be the leader you were meant to be.
-Challenge your team.
-Do something different.
11. Keep momentum & energy moving forward.

-Plan as long range as possible.
-Talk to everyone and thank them.
-Instigate change.
12. Outwork everybody.

-Accomplish more than anyone else.
He discussed the importance of planning with the understanding that there is never a normal Sunday in Children's Ministry. He stated that last minute planners are always surprised.
I absolutely loved this breakout! I was also blessed to have breakfast with both Jim and Michael Chanley at the Christian Chick one morning at Orange. To say that this man loves what he does with kids is a definite understatement. He not only wants to help kids grow, but wants to help those in Children's Ministry grow as well.
Books by Jim Wideman:
Children's Ministry Leadership: The You-Can-Do-It Guide
Children's Ministry Volunteers That Stick
Beat the Clock
Connect with Your Kids: Simple Steps that Can Make Your Relationships Last
Turning Your Child's Failures Into Success

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