Sunday, January 31, 2010

Untamed Faith

"This is the barbarian way: to give your heart to the only One who can make you feel fully alive. To love Him with simplicity and intesity. To unleash the untamed faith within. To be consumed by the presence of a passionate and compassionate God. To go where He sends you, no matter the cost."

This paragraph on the back of Erwin McManus' book "The Barbarian Way" is what caused me to have to buy it and read it. This is what I most desire.

I loved how he started out the book by telling the story of Robert the Bruce and James Douglas. How they fought for the heart of the king. Isn't that we are called to do? When we invite Jesus into our hearts, we are called to fight for the lost that don't know Him or love Him. We are called to be passionate for God and for people.

I think all of us have a "barbarian" inside us, but some choose to hide it away for fear of what people might think or say. The author writes, "What do you fear when you have already died and you walked away?" When we die to ourselves and follow Christ, what is there to fear? That is a pretty powerful question.

The next statement that really impacted me was "When the Spirit of God comes to live within you, you strangely become aware of your inadequacy and your extraordinary potential." Most would think that you couldn't possibly become aware of two exact opposite things. But really when you are a Christ follower, aren't they the same thing? We know that we can only do extraordinary things by His power and not our own. That we are inadequate without Him. That we can do all things through His power within us.

I highly recommend this book to all those searching to "unleash the untamed faith" within!

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