Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mary...Mother to who?

I am thinking about Mary tonight reading in Luke about Gabriel's visit to her.

His appearance alone troubled her. Then he actually speaks to her calling her blessed above all other women which confused her. Then he goes on to explain that she will become pregnant with a Son and even tells her his name...Jesus. Mary of course asks "How?" and then Gabriel tells her that the Holy Spirit will come upon her.

Some say that Mary was 14 when this visit took place. 14 and mother to who? Now I am sure she knew what could happen since she was unmarried, yet she obeyed. Maybe she didn't understand the how of it, but she believed. And I doubt she had any idea what the future would hold for her Son, but she trusted.

Mary's response to all of this was... "I am God's servant and His will be done."

What an example to follow! Has God ever asked you to do something unexpected?

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