Tuesday, July 7, 2009


God has placed some really incredible people in my life and I am so blessed.

First I have Donnie who is not only a great husband and father, but is also my absolute best friend. The thing is he totally gets who I am...from the serious to the silly. Don't get me started on how amazing it is to see him with our boys. I can just tear up thinking of those moments. Then of course I have the boys - AJ, Conner, and Zachary. They tug at my heartstrings every day. They are beautiful, funny, challenging, smart...ok, so I could brag on my guys for awhile, but you get the idea. LOL.

Then I have my Ya-yas. These ladies came into my life during a very difficult time and loved and supported me when I was on my knees. I never knew friendship could be that way and longed for it all the same. I am able to be myself with them. They know all the quirks and love me. I have laughed and cried with these women and cherish every moment with them.

Then I have my Summit church family. I prayed to God for Him to ease the ache from being so far away from my family and He led our family to the Summit. My Saturday morning SISTERS are a lifeline. I am learning with them, loving with them, praying with them...

God has blessed me above and beyond what I could have dreamed with the people He has surrounded me with. Thank you Lord!

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