Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Gift To Be Unwrapped

Joy is not the "everything is sunshine and roses" kind of happy,
 but the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing 
you're doing what you're called to do.
- Holley Gerth

Walking in a God-sized dream isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it is hard, challenging, and scary. In this dream journey God is stretching me more than ever before. There have been moments where I have doubted. There have even been a few moments when I wanted to give up. Thinking that there is no way that I can do this. But the reality is that I am already doing it. 

You see, the dream is all around me. And no matter how hard it gets or how discouraged I might be, He has placed me right smack dab in the middle of my dream. And it is only by Him that I can see it. It is only through Him that I can do it. 

And there is that moment in the midst of it that I actually feel joy. 
The unexpected realization that I am exactly where I am called to be.

Called to be His. All His.
Called to be wife, momma, daughter, friend.
Called to gather mommas and speak words of encouragement into their lives. 
Called to gather sweet little girls and share Jesus with them.
Called to love with abandon all of these in every way possible.

That's the gift to be unwrapped. 
That's the gift given and received and given away again.
And I give thanks for it all. 
Over and over.

God-Sized Dreams

My friend Holley Gerth invited me to join a group of dreamers that she affectionately calls her God Sized Dream Team. What a blessing to be part of this group. 
We will be gathering each week on Tuesdays at Holley's to encourage each other to dream those God sized dreams.

Won't you join us?
What is your God-sized dream?

Holley had written a love letter to dreamers. Her book You're Made for a God-Sized Dream is full of words of encouragement and will speak to your heart.



  1. I wish when I was younger and had such a need for an encourager you would have been near. Every mother needs to hear your words. You go girl!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement! Blessings!

  2. Yes! Flourishing as the person God created you to be, such joy in that! Joy to witness it in others, too. Love you, Wendy!

  3. Wendy,
    You have arrived at your dream; in your joy! Blessings and congratulations,

    1. Thank you so much Chelle! I don't feel as though I have arrived there just yet. Feels like just the first step in the journey. Blessings.

  4. So amazing to find yourself standing right in the middle of His perfect timing! Love you sweet friend! Dreaming alongside you!

    1. And what a gift it is to be dreaming with you friend. Such a blessing. Love you much.

  5. Bloom where you are planted, girl!

  6. Yes, yes, yes: Called to love with abandon!
    Just beautiful, Wendy!

  7. Jesus has such a way of giving joy, even in the midst of grief and pain. I'm so thankful for that!


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