Saturday, September 29, 2012

From the Heart of a Compassion Child

From the heart of a child...


I was so happy that I got a letter you wrote to me. Thank you for letting me know about your family there. I am so happy to know you all in USA. I hope that someday I will be able to come and visit you. I know that God will provide you to come also here. I have been sharing information about you to all my friends here and ask them to pray for you and me always.

I do not have a Bible of my own. Maybe you will send a Bible for me.

I am very happy to have a new family in God.
It is all about God who can help us all here.

I mostly like being in Sunday school class of children when they are teaching us there. Singing some local songs and dancing.
I will dance for you someday.

I like going to school. I like it that we play alot and have many friends here. I like to draw but only draw sometimes. I would like to paint.

When do you plan to come and visit me here?
I dream of it.
I hope to be hearing from you soon.

Love you.

September is "Blog for Compassion" month and I am so blessed to be joining other bloggers in raising awareness for the most vulnerable and needy children in the world.
Compassion's goal for this month is to have 3,108 children receive sponsorship.

2,696 children have been sponsored so far.
There are 412 more children who need you.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me."
Matthew 19:14a


  1. Awesome! Thank for sharing. It's such a touching letter and organization. I am stopping by from the Weekend Blog Walk.

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! So blessed to connect with you!


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