Thursday, July 5, 2012

Volunteer Love Languages

Do you know the love languages of your volunteers? The series of books by Gary Chapman has applied the 5 Love Languages to marriage, children, teens, and God.

I believe that you can also apply them to your volunteers.

Words of Affirmation – An encouraging word is a powerful thing. Saying thank you on a regular basis and pointing out something done well are just two ways to speak to the heart of this volunteer.

Quality Time – Giving this volunteer your undivided attention and sharing a conversation will impact them greatly. Face time speaks volumes for them.

Receiving Gifts – For this volunteer it won’t matter the amount of money you spend. The gift means that you were thinking of them and that means more.

Acts of Service – This volunteer feels appreciated by the little things you do for them. It might be letting them leave while you straighten the room after service.

Physical Touch – A pat on the back literally makes this volunteer’s day. A handshake or hug in greeting starts their day off with a smile. High fives work as well.

Do you know the love languages of your volunteers? In what ways are you speaking to their hearts? What other way can you think of to speak your volunteers’ love languages?

originally shared at Kidmin1124


  1. I love this book, and when I ran a non profit I did try to speak the love languages of my volunteers! Great post!

    1. Thanks Emily! Such a great series of books!

  2. Great information about the Five Languages of Love, and how they apply to volunteers. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks so much Claire! LOVED the pics of you and your baby picking berries that you shared on your blog! Adorable!


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