Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Equipping Our Kidmin Prayer Warriors

We ask our church family to pray for the children's ministry.
All too often we ask in a general way instead of being specific in our prayer requests.

What if we actually shared with them exactly what
we are praying for as a ministry and asked them to join us?

We could actually equip our kidmin prayer warriors
with these requests in several different ways.

A Weekly Calendar

You could be specific for each day and have it as a rotating list. Monday you could ask everyone to pray for the children's pastor/director. Tuesday you could ask that they pray for volunteers. Wednesday they could pray for the kids in your church. These are just a few examples. They don't have to be extremely detailed for each day, but should be for someone or something specific. This would be the list of prayer requests for the next month rotating from one week to the next.

An Email

You could send out a weekly email to everyone with the prayer requests for each day. The content is similar to the calendar I suggested above, but just delivered in a different manner.

A Facebook Group

You could create a group page on Facebook where you could post the prayer requests each day. This would also give you an opportunity to add a prayer requests as needed. One of the kids is sick? Post it to the Facebook page.

I am leaning towards all three. There are some of our prayer warriors that may not have access to a computer, so they would need a paper calendar. Then there are those that prefer paperless communication, so I would email them. By doing all three, you would be able to tailor it to the individuals joining you in prayer.

What are you doing to equip those you ask to pray for your children's ministry?

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