Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jumping the Track with Roger Fields

I love everything about Kidz Blitz!
A super fun experience where families come to learn more about God together.
I mean, what's not to love?

But I have to admit that I really didn't know much about the man behind the ministry - Roger Fields.
All that changed as I read his new book 

While reading I realized that Roger wasn't just sharing about his journey to his calling, but was opening up about his faith journey as well and invited us to come along with him. He shares the stories of tracks he jumped in following where God was leading him. He shares the successes and failures along the way and how God uses both. He doesn't claim to be an expert, but gives such encouragement throughout the book.

I really enjoyed reading the stories of how Kidz Blitz came to be, but even more than that I loved the story of his family along the way.

This is my favorite quote:

"I had been making the classic mistake of letting my experience shape the Bible instead of allowing the Bible to shape my experience.
That became my objective: to see my family reflect all that God promised in His word."

You can find out more about Kidz Blitz and Blitz Ministries by visiting the website here:
Kidz Blitz.

You can read an excerpt from the book and purchase it on the website here:
Jumping the Track.

I have an extra copy of the book to give away to a reader thanks to Roger. You can enter to win by leaving a comment here on my blog. I would love to hear about your family and how I can pray for you all. I will pick a winner on Friday.


  1. Enjoyed the CPC version of FX Live at Orlando last month. My oldest daughter attended with me while mom stayed home with the younger siblings. Pray for us as we adjust to life in Georgia. We moved here from OR.

  2. I would love a copy of the book!! How can you pray for us? I've been diagnosed with Epstein Barr and with that came mono! Yes... the kissing disease :-) This leaves me very tired most of the time and with a full time job, 2 small kids and college, thats not good! Pray!


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