Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kidzplayce Family Devotional - Week 6


Lesson 7

God Provides Forgiveness When We Ask For It!

Pig True/False:

1. True/False: A pig can get a sun burn.

2. True/False: Pigs don’t have a good sense of smell.

3. True /False: Pigs are very intelligent.

ANSWERS: 1. True 2. False: They have a highly developed sense of smell. 3. True: A pig can actually pick up tricks faster than a dog.
Bible Verse

This week’s Bible Verse tells us that God is faithful to forgive us of our sins when we ask Him. I John 1:9

Bible Story

In our lesson this week we imagined what the story of the Prodigal Son would have been like if the son hadn’t come home and asked for forgiveness. As a family, read the actual story of the son returning home in Luke 15:11-32.

Write it Down

Have each member of the family write out a list or draw pictures of things they have done wrong and needed forgiveness for. Then, find a way to completely destroy the paper. As you are doing this, talk to your children about how God forgives us of our sins. Together as a family, read Psalm 103:12. Just like we can’t read these papers any more, God doesn’t remember our sins anymore. However, we still suffer consequences from our sins, but that doesn’t mean God didn’t forgive us. God will forgive us of our sins, but we will still have consequences from our sins.

Game of Grace

As a family play a game of dodge ball or duck-duck goose. Play the game like you typically would. Part way through the game, one member of the family gets to call “Grace”. When someone calls grace everyone who has been tagged out gets to experience grace and come back into the game. After you’ve finished the game, talk about how great it was to be offered grace and allowed back in the game. Just like we were offered grace in this game, God continually shows us grace and gives us second chances.

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