Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kidzplayce Family Devotional - Week 4


Lesson 4

God Provides Warnings So We Can Make The Best Choice!

Donkey True/False:

1. True/False: Jesus rode a donkey into the city of Jerusalem.

2. True/False: Donkeys typically live seven years.

3. True/False: America has the most donkeys in the world.

Answers: 1. True: You can read this story in Matthew 21:1-11 2. False: Donkeys can live between 30-50 years 3. False: China has the most donkeys, 11 million.

Bible Verse

This week’s Bible Verse tells us that if we trust in God and look to Him for guidance He will show us where to go and what steps to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

Bible Story

In our lesson this week we imagined what it would have been like if Balaam hadn’t listened to God’s warning that He gave Balaam through a talking donkey. This week, read the real story of Balaam listening to God’s warning in Numbers 22.

Sketch It Out

Have each person in the family sketch out another family members face. It can be a full blown sketch or it can be a simple drawing. After you’ve finished, talk about all the different ways that we can identify the warnings God has given us. Maybe we can hear them with our ears or see them with our eyes or remember them with our minds. There are lots of ways that God has given us to be able to find His warnings. Remind each other to be on the look out for His warnings.

Warning! Warning!

One day this week as you are driving through town, have your child point out every warning sign that you come across. Some signs you might see are yield signs, railroad crossings, falling rocks or pedestrian crossings. Also while in the car, talk about some of the warnings that God gives us and ways we can identify them. Some ways would be through obeying our parents, listening to our teachers, reading God’s word and praying. Remind your children that we aren’t always aware of the dangers ahead; that’s why we have the warning signs on the road and also why God gives us His warnings.

A World Without Warnings

As a family, write a short story about what the world would be like if there were no warnings. Here’s a list of some words to incorporate into your story: Falling Rocks, Yield Sign, Railroad Crossing, Rushing Water, Stop Sign, Duck Crossing, Bump Ahead, Pedestrian Crossing. After you write your short story, read it together as a family and talk about how much safer the world is because we have these warnings. Just like we have these warnings for a reason, God also gives us warnings for our protection.

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