Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kidzplayce Family Devotional - Week 3


Lesson 3 

God Provides The Courage To Live For Him!

Lion True/False

1. True/False: An adult lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away.

2. True/False: Lions typically sleep six hours a day.

3 True/False: The largest lion ever recorded weighed 175 pounds.

Answers: 1. True 2. False: Lions sleep 19-20 hours a day. 3.False: The largest lion ever recorded was almost 11 feet long and weighed nearly 700 pounds.

Bible Verse

Our verse this week tells us that we shouldn’t be afraid because God is our salvation. Psalm 27:1

Bible Story

In this week’s lesson we imagined what it would have been like if Daniel wasn’t courageous, played it safe and stopped praying. You can find the real story of Daniel being courageous in Daniel 6.

Field Trip

Talk about some of the different ways people show courage. Take a trip to your local fire station and meet some of the fire fighters. Be sure and call them first to make sure it’s a good time. On your tour of the fire station, point out to your child all the equipment that the firefighters use. They have special trucks, ladders, hoses, boots, fire proof vests and more. They have all this specialized equipment they need to do their job, even though their job might be scary sometimes. On your way home, talk about how God will provide us with what we need to live for Him, just like the fire fighters have everything they need to be a fire fighter.

Role Playing

As a family talk through some different situations where standing up for God would not be easy. Maybe it would be praying at school, sticking up for someone who is getting made fun of or telling the truth when you might get in trouble. Have each family member role play these different situations so you can each practice having the courage to stand up for God in difficult situations.

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