Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Matters Now in Children's Ministry Conversation

Yesterday afternoon I attended the What Matters Now in Children's Ministry Conversation. Amy Dolan, Henry Zonio, Matt McKee, and Jonathan Cliff led the conversation first sharing their "word" describing what matters right now.

Amy's word was confidence. Matt's was heart. Henry's was innovation. Jonathan's was listening.

After hearing them share why they picked those words, we then were asked to come up with our own words and share them with the table we were sitting at. Then we were asked to switch tables and do the same thing either sticking with the previous word and going into more detail on why we chose it or picking a new word altogether and sharing about it. What I found at the tables I sat was that most stayed with their words and were able to expand more on why. Some of the words shared were: successional, family, connections, go, intentional, relational, nurture, discipleship, and Jesus.

We were then asked to stand up and go to the person whose word connected with our own or impacted us in some way. It was so amazing to visually see how what matters now is so connected and interwoven.
 Here is what that looked like:

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