Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saturated in Prayer - KidMin Conference

One of the reasons that I loved the Kidmin Conference so much is that it was saturated in prayer.

Christine and her team were praying for each attendee months prior to our arrival. Here is a blog post where she shares this -

There was even a prayer room where you could go individually or as a team.

In the room there were various stations such as:


Put a colorful candy in your mouth. As it dissolves, pray for a sour, fearful, hard time you or somone you know is experiencing. Ask for God’s loving intervention in that difficult situation. Consider how God can turn the sourness to sweetness for you or your friend.


Feel the Spirit of God flow over you as you sit in front of the fans. Pray for God’s guidance on your spiritual journey, that he would refine you, and constantly draw you closer to himself through church, prayer, Bible study and spiritual disciplines.


God is constantly refining and shaping us. He is the Creator and sculptor of our lives. Mold a piece of aluminum foil into a representation of who God is calling you to be. As you work, pray for the continued willingness to be molded and shaped by God. When you’re finished, thank God for his creative hand in your life today and everyday.

In one of the main sessions we were each given a beach ball. Christine instructed us to write Jesus in the center of the circle signifying that Jesus is at the center of everything. We then wrote a prayer in one of the colored spaces then would toss the ball to another person in the room and catch one from someone else. We would write another prayer in a colored space and would toss it again. This would continue until all spaces were full. These prayers were specific for ourselves, our families, a child in our ministry, our churches, etc. We then were leaving with a beach ball filled with prayer requests that we were able to pray over during our time at the conference as well as once we returned home.

Each of the Main Session speakers opened and closed in prayer as well as the Deeper Learning Track, Half-Track, and Workshop speakers. In the Ministry Conversation that I participated in several of us stayed after to talk more and pray for each other. You could walk through the lobby and see others gathered together in prayer.

"Can I pray for you?" was something I said and heard often throughout the conference. Heaven was flooded with prayers during our time together.

What a blessing.

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.
 Matthew 18:20

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